Anniversary dinner

After the long soak at Gellert, we were really hungry, but only had a few minutes to grab something before the Hungarian folk dance and music show. It's embarrassing, but yet, we had hotdogs in Budapest. AND they were good 😊 Adam had the Japanese dog- pickled ginger and cabbage with wasabi mayo. I had the corn dog with wasabi mayo. Pretty, pretty good 😂St. Stephens Basilica More yummy goulash, but for me this time. Adam had the chicken pancakes with paprikash sauce. Very good. A bottle of sparkling Rose from the Tokaj region to celebrate our special day! Tenderloin of Mangaliza pork with cauliflower, kale, and radishes. Excellent! Juicy and flavorful all around. Adam had the wild boar with barley and mixed veggies. Also very good. Summer pickles. Macchiato Chocolate mousse with red raspberries white wine sorbet. Perfectly balanced- sweet, tart, and a little salty! Cherry brandy. Adam had the apricot brandy. Sooo good! Perfect way to end the meal. Splurge for our special day- about $120 😮

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