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Meal #49: Lunch

Chicken starter, Majliss, Oxford, UK
This is just the starter that Charity and I had.  Our dinner was a huge and amazing Indian meal that we shared with our friends Robbie and Cara.  Everything we ate was amazing, though I cannot identify everything in the pictures.  Charity and I shared a menu for two, which included a giant number of dishes.  The four of us ate like Indian royalty, and still had leftovers to take home in the end!

Loads and loads of delicious Indian food, Majliss, Oxford, UK

Meal #44: Dinner

Salted beef with pearl onions, Worm's Head Hotel, Gower Penninsula, Wales, UK

We started with this salted beef and caramelized pearl onions, it was lovely, though not in great abundance.  The beef was salty and tender, the onions had a crunch, but also brought a punch of sugar to the plate.

Hake with fennel and potato, Worm's Head Hotel, Gower Penninsula, Wales, UK
This was my main at the little pub on the cliff of the bay.  It was a delicious pan seared hake fillet laid over crisp-tender fennel stalks.  I normally don’t enjoy liquorice, but this was mild and very nice alongside the delicate fish.  The skin on the hake had a beautiful salted crispy texture.  The potatoes were a nice anchor for every other bite.  It was a beautiful meal, alongside a beautiful view of the most beautiful beach in the UK.

The view from the restaurant, Worm's Head Hotel, Gower Penninsula, Wales, UK