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Snack #6

Croissant with an Origina, Paris, France

This was a quick snack we grabbed out-and-about in Paris.  Just a simple croissant and an Origina for me.  The croissant was deliciously flaky and fatty.  I opted for the Origina from the fountain because I had only even had it from the bottle or can.  It was still Origina, one of the greatest sodas ever invented, but it had a lot less pulp than the prepackaged variety.  I want more pulp.  I’ll stick with the can/bottle from now on.

Apricot danish with coffee Americain, Paris, France

This was Charity’s snack.

Snack #5

Strawberry crepes with coffee, Paris, France

Just as it began to rain, Charity and Cyrille and I ducked into a small creperie for a quick snack to enjoy while waiting out the weather.  This was a delicious crepe filled with strawberries in a sweet syrupy sauce.  After only about 30 minutes, the rain had subsided, and we continued on with lifted spirits and a sweet taste in our mouths.

Snack #4

Belgian waffle with chocolate sauce, Train station waffle stand, Bruuge, Belgium

This was our very first taste of Belgium after a long day of riding buses and trains.  We needed a snack to keep us going while we tried to figure out how to get from the train station to the address of our bed and breakfast in the rain.  The waffle was cheap at about 2€.  It was perfectly crispy and soft at the same time, covered in an amazing chocolate sauce that was a little bit salty and not too sweet.  It was warm and crunchy and amazing!  And from the train station even!

Snack #3

Cream tea and scones, Queen's Lane, Oxford, UK

Our friend Nick suggested that we try a traditional English cream tea before leaving England.  It made for a great afternoon snack.  The tea was nice and warm.  The scones were pleasantly crisp on the outside and tender and crumbly on the inside with plump, juicy raisins.  The clotted cream was something we’ve never had before.  It was like butter mixed with whipped cream, and slightly sweet.  The jam tasted of fresh English strawberries.