Restaurant Leib

We slept in and relaxed this morning. We didn’t leave the hotel until almost 2pm! 😃

We chose a fine restaurant on the outskirts of Old Town- Restaurant Leib or “restaurant black bread”. Black bread is really important to the Estonian people and the cornerstone of every meal- thank goodness! It’s soo delicious! 

We started with Apparetifs. Adam had the house made beer, a well balanced IPA. I had the housemade rowanberry schnapps. It was good- sour, fruity, bitter and served ICE cold!  

The waitress brought us a box of the awesome homemade Leib with pumpkin and sunflower seed and chive butter. Awesome as usual! We split a started-  pickled herring, roasted potatoes, cottage cheese, pickled onions and carrots, and dill. It was so fresh and so obviously homemade in every aspect. The quality of the ingredients was incredible. The sommelier suggested a wine with each course… Wow! The wine complemented each dish so well. Amazing!  
For the main course, I had the pan-seared pike perch with parsnip purée, fresh garden pea sauce, crisp-tart salad, and crispy fried onions and pork skins. It was soooo good. I’m pretty sure they crisped the fish skin in lard. Yes! Great flavor combo beautifully presented. Adam had the homemade pork sausage with smashed potatoes, homemade apple mustard, and onion gravy. His was great, too! 

We were both pretty full but we heard we had to try the black bread creme brûlée. We had cappuccinos and shared the dessert. The creme brûlée was ultra creamy and laiden with vanilla bean. There were black bread crumbs in the bottom of the dish- so yummy and inventive. The tart black currents were a perfect foil to the rich creamy dessert. What a satisfying, beautiful meal! 



2 thoughts on “Restaurant Leib”

  1. Wow! It looks like a delicious meal. I hope you will come home and replicate that bread recipe😄

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