Dinner and drinks

Tonight is Jill and Cody’s last night in Estonia😔 We had couples date night, then met up for drinks after!

Adam and I went to a traditional Estonian restaurant called Grandma’s Kitchen. It was warm and welcoming and the food was mostly very good. 

Adam started with beer, of course. I had the Grandma’s Apparetif. It was great! A sweet, tart Aperol and soda mix. The waitress brought out delicious, hearty Estonian rye bread with pumpkin seeds and a fabulous chive compound butter- great start!!!

My main was really good- herb baked flounder with creamy mashed potatoes, peas, and cauliflower all surrounded by a luxurious moat of melted butter!!! It was perfectly cooked and seasoned. I loved it. Unfortunately, Adam’s wasn’t as good. He had Grandma’s elk stew with vegetables. It was a surprisingly small, sauceless portion of somewhat dry, roasted things- carrot, mushroom, potato, and elk. Where was the stew? 

It was still a great meal, especially for the low price tag- under €25! But Adam wishes he had ordered something else.  

 After dinner we met Jill and Cody at a local pub and had drinks and good conversation. We’re so thankful that they flew across an ocean to be with us! We had a great time guys! We’ll miss you😘


One thought on “Dinner and drinks”

  1. Looks like it was a lovely evening! Adam, so sorry about the disappointment with the elk stew. Charity, you’re right, it’s pretty much impossible to not like something with a moat of butter.😄

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