Meal #38: Breakfast

Meal #48: Breakfast

Our sweet English friends hosted us for a few nights. They were raving about “American Breakfast with streaky bacon and syrup”, so I decided to make it for them. I made my grandmother’s style pancakes ( a bit darker in color and crisp around the edges because they’re cooked in bacon fat:), “streaky” bacon (American style smoked pork belly), and hash-browns. We found Canadian maple syrup, but it was ridiculously expensive, so I made my own syrup with Golden Syrup (similar to a light molasses), orange zest and segments and finished with a splash of good single malt Scotch. YUM! To my chagrin, our friends stacked everything on top of the pancakes and covered it all in orange syrup – lol. They loved it:) Robbie made us some proper strong coffee and the meal was complete!


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