Meal #77: Dinner

Savory vegetable cake, Charline's house, Rodez, France

This was the appetizer Jessie baked for us at Charline’s house before dinner on the first night in Rodez.  This was a strange but very tasty cake, filled with various vegetables and olives.  It was a good precursor to the rest of the dinner.

Salad with vingrette, Charline's house, Rodez, France

This was a simple salad that Charline prepared for us.  It was only lettuce and a vingrette, but the lettuce was fresh from their garden and super tasty.  It was sweet and a little bitter, a perfect combination.  The vinaigrette was a great balance of oil and vinegar and herbs.

Tomato and ham bolognaise over pasta with emmental, Charline's house, Rodez, France

Charline’s prepared this tasty pasta dish for us, even after working all day at the bank.  She was so nice to us!  The pasta was al dente, the sauce was sweet and savory with small chunks of ham.  It was pretty good.  The cheese we topped it with, by the double handful, was the standard everyday cheddar-like emmental.  But this was the first time we noticed what it says on the bag.  Cue the laugh track.

Emmental francais RAPE

I told Charity that I wasn’t comfortable eating any cheese that committed such a felony.  Rape in French just means shredded.

Raspberry and lemon sorbet, Charline's house, Rodez, France

Nice and cold raspberry and lemon sorbet to finish out the meal.  Delicious.


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