Meal #78: Lunch

Macaroni and cheese with tea, Cyrille's father's apartment, Rodez, France

Charity made food appear out of nothing.  The ingredients were scarce, but she managed to find some pasta, some cheese, and some pre-made bechemel sauce.  It wasn’t the greatest meal ever, but it wasn’t terrible, (better than that Italian place in Paris for sure).  Creamy and cheesy, just the way macaroni and cheese should be.


3 thoughts on “Meal #78: Lunch”

  1. Haha…this is the kind of meal I can identify with. I like your blog, because you include the “baaaaaa” meals alongside the inspiring ones.
    True dedication to having a food blog. I’d be taking picture of Taco Bel burritos.

    1. Thanks Gabe. I have to stay true to what I actually eat, the bad and the good. Without the bad, there can be nothing good. Look for meals here in America as soon as I catch up with the Europe ones.

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