Meal #59: Dinner

Scotch egg with Oxford sauce, The King's Arms, Oxford, UK

This was a delicious appetizer we had at the King’s Arms.  It’s a hardboiled egg wrapped in sausage, rolled in bread crumbs, and fried.  We topped it with something called “Oxford Sauce” which was pretty much some rebranded brown sauce, I think.  The egg was served cold, and it made for a great appetizer/bar snack.  I wish we had these back home. (Adam’s opinion)

Lamb liver with "bacon" and mash and veg, The King's Arms, Oxford, UK

The most exciting meal EVER!!! No joke! This dish excited my taste buds like no other dish ever has before. The “bacon”- I’m calling it “bacon” because English “bacon” is not bacon at all. It is an extremely fatty, yet dry, very thin piece of over-salted, limp ham.

I think the chef started the tomato sauce with “bacon”, then added the lamb liver to the bitter, sickening sauce to cook and release all its disgusting minerally,   gagging nastiness to the mix. The lamb tasted and felt like eating a filthy penny covered in sand and soap scum with a tender jelly center. I have never hated anything so much that I almost barfed when my taste buds registered all its’ “complexities”… until this lamb liver in tomato sauce. I am so glad to finally find a food/ dish that I absolutely, unquestionably abhor. The veg was the only edible part of the meal, in my opinion, (Adam ate the liver!!!???!). Every somewhat decent meal will feel like a blessing from heaven itself after this “I’d rather spend a day in hell than take another bite” dish.

I was blind, but now I see!


5 thoughts on “Meal #59: Dinner”

    1. They would have to be some pretty large balls, the chunks of liver were at least 3 – 4 inches across. I didn’t think the dish was so bad, I ate the whole thing. But I like liver, Charity doesn’t.

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