Meal #58: Lunch

Chicken and jalapeno wrap with tomato soup, Pret A Manger, Oxford, UK

This was the first not-so-good meal I’ve had from Pret.  They let me down.  This burrito-like wrap was bad news from the beginning and I should’ve known.  You get what you deserve.  The sauce was way too sweet, and not nearly spicy enough to balance.  Just poorly done in general.  The soup was good though, I’ve had it before.

English cheddar and pickle sandwich with tomato soup, Pret A Manger, Oxford, UK

Very nice lunch! The soup was served very hot- perfect. I really loved the soup because it had toothsome bits of onions, garlic, and fresh tomato in the really fresh, perfectly seasoned tomato base. The sandwich was very unique. I’m still not sure what “pickle” is exactly. I would describe it as a sweet, slightly vinagary carmelized onion or maybe fig …chutney? Not sure , but it was a really nice fruity complement to the properly stinky, mature English cheddar. The coffee was energizing and good, as usual 🙂


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