Meal #61: Dinner

Steak and Roquefort sauce with salad and pomme de terre frites, Bruuge, Belgium

Our first real meal in Bruuge!  We picked a cute little restaurant with outdoor seating near the river.  I ordered a delicious steak with Roquefort sauce.  The steak was perfectly cooked rare, as can be seen by the juice leaking into the Roquefort sauce.  The sauce was very smooth and the Roquefort flavor was not overly strong, nor was it too scarce, it was the perfect cheese sauce.  The salad was a great accompaniment to the steak, as it provided a fresh taste with each bite.  There were greens and tomato and cucumber and a bit of watercress.  The frites were well done, crispy and salty.  A great first meal in Bruuge.

Moules with frites and bread and Bruuge Zot, Bruuge, Belgium

Moules and frites were delicious.  The moules had been cooked in white wine and garlic.  They were tender and flavorful, and the liquor at the bottom of the pot was absolutely delicious, I enjoyed it just as much as the mussels themselves.  The frites were a bit undercooked for my taste, I prefer a crispier frite, however, they were liberally salted and still tasty.  The Bruuge Zot was cold, pleasantly savory, and satisfying.


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