Cool city, yummy food, fun times

Crates for days! 😳Adam liked this way too much! We bought delicious roasted pumpkin seeds for just €.50. Excellent aperol spritz at Soma Book Station. The best bread we’ve had yet- perfectly chewy and warm inside a crispy, crackly, smoky outside 😍Housemade cheeses- spicy pepper, carrot, and parsley. We like the spicy best. Big fresh salad. Yum!!!Mixed grill platter for two- not bad, but definitely not the best grilled meats we’ve had. These were a little under seasoned and over cooked. All that, at one of the fanciest restaurants in Pristina, plus wine and beer for just €32Fun street games for locals. We watched for at least fifteen minutes. So funny! The National Library- considered by some to be the ugliest building in the world. It kid of looks like a spider trapped under a net 😖Billy Kleentone 🤣


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