Yummy lunch

I gave up and gave the queen her throne. Excellent macchiato for just €1! Mushroom soupAdam had the egg and cheese sandwich- very good. It was fresh and saucy with a basil mayo. I had the crunchy zucchini and veggie sandwich. The zucchini was amazingly crunchy with a corn flake coating. Mmmm! The crunchy potato wedges served with out sandwiches were also really good! All of that for under $15!!! Unreal. They forgot to tell their cat that I’m allergic and wearing a black dress today… 🙄👌🏻 She’s very sweet though 😊


4 thoughts on “Yummy lunch”

  1. The Midwest zules are poppin’….I see a crispy zucchini sandwhich in my future! Looks delish! Xo Ray

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