Last dinner in Tirana 

We had another great day in Tirana. We really like it here, glad we decided to stay another night. Eddy, Adam’s barber recommended Era, a restaurant that serves typical Albanian foods. It was very good! Thanks Eddy!!!Starter for two- too many things to list. But we loved the beet salad, cheese stuffed spicy peppers, and the stuffed grape leaves. Mmmm! I had the tasty stuffed peppers. I loved the fresh mint, such a nice contrast with the rich, earthy flavors of the rice and veggies. Adam had the grilled Kopca meatballs. They were similar to Cevapi, but a little less flavor. Still very good though. We liked this cool “cloud” art installation Imposing communist era architecture, now a university. A piece of the Berlin Wall. Delicious fresh squeezed orange juice and peach tea with actual fresh peach juice. Yummy!What a cutie! He loves ice cream 😍 🍦 I ❤️ Tirana 


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