Local fare

We asked the sweet grocery store attendant where we should go for authentic Albanian cuisine and what we should order… she nailed it! Refreshing Albanian beer. I had a local white wine, but forgot to take a picture. It was very good. Wonderful naturally carbonated water. We love this stuff!!!We loved these delicious grilled veggies drizzled with spicy Albanian olive oilTraditional dishes. Fegese- Roasted tomato and eggplant with ground lamb and cottage cheese. Tave Kosi- yogurt, cream, cheese, and eggs baked with thinkly sliced lamb. We loved the Fegese, it was like lasagna without the pasta. The Tave Kosi on the other hand was a little strange. We liked it, but definitely didn’t love it. All that for under $22!!!The abandoned Pyramid building. It was completed just before the fall of communism and was never used. An ottoman bridge… the river was rerouted. Locals passing the time with a little gambling. Beautiful hand-woven rug. Skandergerg square


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