Italian lunch… in Albania 

So, we tried to go to an Albanian restaurant with local fare.  Unfortunately, the restaurant we went to was out of all the local, traditional dishes; however, the Italian dishes were really good. Albania is just across the Adriatic Sea from Italy (just 45 miles) and they have been long time buds. The Italian influence here is palpable and the food is a perfect representation of the friendship. Our meal was delicious! Mango and avocado salad with arugula and romain lettuce. The avocado was sadly underripe, but the mango was a really nice pairing with the bitter, peppery arugula. Adams salad had thinly sliced fresh beets, candies almonds, and a delicious pesto dressing. We shared the tagliatelle porcini- thick, homemade pasta with a creamy mushroom sauce, and the penne pomodoro- simple penne pasta with fresh tomatoes and Parmesan.  Both were well prepared and delicious. Almond semifreddo and espresso for dessert. Excellent. 


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