Spectacular Dubrovnik!

Squid salad- boring. A total disappointment. Not a bad salad. Cucumber, tomato, onion, and feta in a vinaigrette. It could’ve been WAY better, but it wasn’t bad. Traditional “black risotto”. Unfortunately, this is not risotto. This is rice with black on it, plus some bad seafood. Risotto should be creamy and lovingly made. Black risotto should be black ✅ and have a clear, briny, seafood flavor from the squid ink (no ✅).  This was a terrible dish and it was unfortunately WAY overpriced because we were in a touristy area 😞Gross, over cooked beef with plain noodles. Any Culinary 1 student can tell you, you must cooked the pasta in the sauce. It’s the only way. Period. The only good food we had in Dubrovnik so far…. Dubrovnik is truly stunning! Thank goodness because the food was sh**! 


2 thoughts on “Spectacular Dubrovnik!”

  1. So sorry to hear about your culinary disappointments. So happy, that you had some delicious ice cream to make up for the disappointment, and a beautiful place to enjoy it at.

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