Kindest, worst breakfast ever. 

We stayed in an adorable, affordable Airbnb just 8km away from Dubrovnik. It had a great view, a sweet hostess, and some major problems. Yes, it was under five miles from the city center, BUT we had to cross the border into Bosnia to get there and back. It took almost two hours each way…In the sweltering heat…While our hostess chain smoked in the front seat. That view though! 😜​​I could handle the instant coffee. The egg dish, on the other hand, was like chalky bits of sponge with canned mushrooms and slimy zucchini with a rubber glove on top… was that a bit of cigarette ash? Maybe. Thank goodness for that view… the eggs looked so good flying into the canyon 😜Next problem, the front yard was a major construction zone. It was only a little dusty… like dust in your mouth, on your clothes, on your skin… not too bad. 😂 The men worked all night to avoid the heat of the day. Luckily, we didn’t have air conditioning, so we could leave the window open all night and enjoy the calming construction music. Cool. I wish I had taken a icture of the “shower”. It can’t be described. It was clean and remarkably new, but so oddly designed it wasn’t usable. We opted for a swim instead. What a pretty view! 


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