Bosnian Hospitality 

After lunch we wandered around Old Town until it started raining. We were looking in a shop window, when the owner came out and said, “come in and see what I make”, so we did! What a treat! He was so warm and friendly. He shared stories about the war, showed us pictures of his family, even showed us his bullet wound from when he was hit by a sniper 😳 All while diligently working on his beautiful hand carved Bosnian Coffee sets. After a while, he offered us coffee and a cigarette, we said yes to the former. We stayed for at least 30 minutes. We bought a beautiful set and he personalized it for us 😍​


when it started raining, we decided to tuck into a bar for some drinks. We met some people from Boston, sat, and talked for a few hours. It was wonderful! Mint tea for me. It was cold! 


One thought on “Bosnian Hospitality ”

  1. Ha ha! He could see you American tourist coming from a mile away! Sounds like the hospitality there, is very warm and welcoming.

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