Discovering Sarajevo 

We didn’t know what to expect… but Sarajevo has exceeded our expectations. The people here are so warm and friendly. Our hosts, Jovo and Baba are lovely and unbelievably generous. The architecture is stunning and the food is OFF the Chain (yes I still use and love that phrase)! Why isn’t this a huge tourist destination? I’m not sure, but I am sure that I’m glad it’s not super touristy. Wow!!! Absolutely delicious Cevapi- spiced beef and lamb grilled sausages (kinda) served in outrageously smoky and tasty bread with more Kajmak and diced onion. Wowza!!! It was so good!!!! Sparkling mineral water and a cold, tart yogurt drink- traditional with the Cevapi. It was very good and along with the Cevapi, kind of reminded us of tsatziki. 

​True talent. 


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