Wonderful hostess!

Maria set out a lovely, homemade breakfast. Before we awoke, she walked to the local bakery and got fresh rolls and bread. She served the breads with butter and fresh homemade jams- black current and strawberry! She also prepared strawberry tea, and cappuccinos for all to enjoy! We have it made!





2 thoughts on “Wonderful hostess!”

  1. Wait a minute. Are you saying that you have someone staying there in the house that is going to cook for you etc.? I LOVE the dishes.

    1. Yes, we didn’t know it, but we are enjoying a “hospitality exchange”. I think that part got lost in translation, but it’s been very pleasant. We have the entire 3rd floor to our selves- we each have our own bathrooms too. We just share the living room, kitchen, and indoor pool with Our hosts!

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