After breakfast we took the train to Prague city center. What a beautiful city! The architecture is outstanding!





For lunch, we did just as our guidebook suggested- we walked ten minutes down a small side street then stopped at the first restaurant with a Pilsner Urquell sign. Great advice! Everyone inside seemed like a local, the food and beer were cheap and excellent!

Adam had the Hunter’s steak with potato pancakes. I had the beef goulash with bread dumplings. Wow! Adam’s steak was rugged and earthy with a great gravy. The potato pancakes were crispy and flavorful. My goulash was supremely delicious- mildly spicy, warm paprika, beefy goodness! I loved the dumplings. They were light and perfect for soaking up all the goulashy-goodness. We finished the meal with excellent Turkish coffee.

All in all we had 8 beers, four entrees, a side of bread, and 3 coffees for just $35!!! We could get used to this! It’s so fun being in such a beautiful European city while enjoying an excellent Dollar to Koruna exchange rate!






One thought on “Prague!”

  1. Absolutely gorgeous. i expected Germany to look like England, but everything is much more colorful.

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