Brauertag Munich

OMG! What luck! We didn’t realize it, but we were headed to Munich on one of the best days of the year- Braurtag, Brewers Day! All the Munich breweries take a sacred oath to uphold the beer purity laws of 1487, Reinheitsgebot, which dictate the ingredients that are allowed to be in beer. The priest gives his blessing AND….. Let the FREE BEER flow!

We happened upon the celebration in the Viktualienmarkt. DREAM come true! There were men in lederhosen, women and children in traditional Bavarian dresses, three brass bands, dancers, whip cracking guys, spectacularly decorated horses and carriages, and FREE BEER! I feel so thankful that we experienced such an awesome display of Bavarian culture. Blessed!












2 thoughts on “Brauertag Munich”

  1. You are by far, the best at finding fun things to do that I have ever known. What an awesome experience. It looks so fun. You can tell that everyone is having a great time. You are truly blessed!!!!!!!

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