Meal #114: Dinner

What a great dinner experience! We were seriously craving some Asian food – especially spicy Asian food. We did some research and discovered Les Petits Siamois on Yelp – the highest rated Thai restaurant in Lyon! SCORE! The food was excellent and so was the service. A very nice server helped us decide what to order, brought us hot sauce, then sat down to talk a while. Turns out – he was the chef! We really enjoyed making a new friend over amazing Thai food! We spent almost four hours at the restaurant talking and eating with Nat. After we finished our meal, I ordered lemongrass tea nat was gone awhile, but when he returned, he brought us his just-made specialty- Thai gooey chocolate cake withThai chilis! It was awesome!!!

We started the meal with starfruit Mai Tais, green papaya salad with dried shrimp and Thai chilis. Wow! We then had shrimp prik pao and panang curry with pork. Why did we wait so long to eat Thai food in France? We finished the meal with lemongrass tea and Nat’s famous Thai chili chocolate cake! This was easily our favorite meal in France. the food was great, but the best part was making a new friend!



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