Meal #61: Dinner

This one goes out to Mary Anne 😉

I read a very old (1735) cookbook and very loosely followed a recipe for roast rabbit. I marinated rabbit legs in red wine and vinegar with garlic and herbs and a touch of nutmeg for two days. According to the recipe two days is the perfect amount of time to achieve juicy, falling off the bone rabbit. The recipe was right! It was seriously delicious!

After marinating for two days, I dredged the rabbit in flour and seared it until golden brown on all sides. I added sliced onion and garlic with a generous glug of red wine and herbs. I baked it in a dutch oven at 220* c for about an hour then added baby potatoes and carrots with a splash of water. Roasted another forty minutes and Bon appetite!

We started with a green salad with tomatoes and mushrooms in a sharp dijon vinaigrette. The rabbit was tender and tasted something like dark meat chicken mixed with a pork chop. The potatoes and carrots were lovely, sweet and fork tender, but the best part was the pan drippings! The gravy that resulted in the pan was ethereal! Smooth and velvety with sweet and earthy wine notes coupled with bright vinegar and floral herbs. Wow! After nibbling the bones, we finished our night of cards and rabbit with some excellent caramel chip milk chocolate.









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