Meal #75: Dinner

Salad del mer, Paris, France

Charity and I ordered the same first course for the menu we got at this not-so-great Italian restaurant.  We were with a group of Cyrille’s friends, and they picked the Italian place situated right next to the amazing looking French restaurant, (the Italian place was much cheaper).  Sometimes it just doesn’t work out for everyone when you’re in a big group, oh well.  This salad was pretty bad.  Bad lettuce, bad tomatoes, very bad unidentifiable seafood, and a poorly flavored vinaigrette.

Duck confit with round frites, Paris, France

My second course.  Absolutely, positively, the worst duck confit I’ve ever had.  Why was this Italian restaurant even making duck confit in the first place?  I don’t know.  I’m sorry to say it because I want to hate everything about this place, but the frites were actually pretty decent, and the little cup of sauce was some kind of tasty garlic mayonnaise.  The duck was gross though.

Chocolate mousse, Paris, France

This chocolate mousse tasted just like the picture: kind of blury, out of focus.  I think it was straight from a package.  I hope this place burns down.

Salmon on iceberg lettuce with frites, Paris, France

This was Charity’s main course.  It was pretty bad.  The salmon was atop some iceberg lettuce that would’ve fit perfectly in any side salad at any American diner.  The sauce covering the salmon was equally bad and reminiscent of England’s salad cream.  Yuck.  But, those frites were pretty good.

Creme caramel, Paris, France

This was Charity’s choice for dessert course.  Following suit with the rest of the food from here, it was pretty awful.  Sweet, but lacking any real caramel flavor.  The flavor tasted like the caramel-like sauce that comes with the apple dippers from McDonald’s.  You know, the “caramel” that doesn’t solidify even after hours of refrigeration.


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