Back in Bosnia

Breakfast Macchiato and sandwich. Lol- we ordered a Croque Monsieur (classic French sandwich with ham, cheese, and béchamel on toasted baguette) and got this instead- turkey and cheese with a sun dried tomato spread and lettuce. It was not so good. Edible, I guess. The market A Mosque and a motorbike Great Bosnian Cevapi with onion, bread, and yogurt. I love this picture 😍 I bought some pretty cloth napkins from her 👍🏻Lol! Check out the name of this restaurant… familiar? We checked out the much contested "pyramids"… we can't decide if we think they're real. Most scientists believe they're natural rock formations, but they're too perfect and the construction (under the now forest) is so perfectly laid out… it really could be man made. If they are manmade, they're the largest and oldest pyramids in the world, and we climbed one of them😃👍🏻Our pyramid tour guide.


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