Belgrade, Serbia 

Due to a very long wait at the border crossing, we arrived at our Belgrade Airbnb pretty late this evening. We were tired and hungry. Luckily, our host suggested an excellent traditional Serbian restaurant just a couple blocks away. Just what we needed! Serbian red wine. Very good. Homemade flat bread, Shopska salad, and Ajvar- roasted red pepper spread. All were excellent. Odd “cracklin’s”. They were served cold and they were quite flavorless. Delicious homemade sausage. It tasted like really good Kielbasa made a baby with German Landjager then got grilled. So good!serbian apricot brandy, “for digestion ” as our waitress mentioned. It was very good. And did in fact aide in digesting all the goodness. Finally, the house special cake- something like a carrot cake with almonds, coconut, cherries, and a wonderful vanilla cream frosting. Sweet but not too sweet. Excellent. All for about $35 including tip. 


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