Macedonian countryside 

Before we left Skopje, we took one last stroll through the Old Bazaar. We passed a tiny stall with a woman making pastries. Of course, I had to get one… or two 😉The baklava wasn’t my favorite. It didn’t have much flavor, mostly just sweet. A little boring. BUT the doughnut type thing (maybe called Tulumba?), was delicious! It was light and crunchy, more churro than doughnut, eggy and only lightly sweet. We were surprised by how much we liked it. Super cute Macedonian villageWe’ve seen lots of these on the highway, but it’s hard to get a good picture. Sunflower fields 😀 Great local wine and beer. Tsatziki Shopska salad with super-salty, creamy, awesome feta!Smokey KebapAdam had the veal soup. It was not bad. Not my fave. Espresso. Always. All this for about $20 😯


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