Prizren, Kosovo 

We stopped after a few hours of driving in Prizren, Kosovo. It is the cultural center of Kosovo and the perfect lunch stop on our way to Prishtina, the capital. Tasty Kosovoan Cabernet Sauvignon. We bought some delicious apricots from this sweet guy. He came around to our table and told us he picked them today… how could I resist?! He asked us where we’re from. After telling him, he thanked us for ending the war in 1999 and commented on how great Bill Kleentone was for Kosovo 😃😂👍🏻Cute grill master. Amazing bread! Like a mix of ciabatta and Pita. I loved it!!!Some pretty weak “vegetable” soup. Ugly, but very good veal soup. Adam made the better choice in the soup category for sure! We shared the mixed grill platter. We loved all the veggies! They were all fresh and crunchy and lightly dressed in vinaigrette. Yum! The perfect pairing with the smiley grilled meats. Tsatziki. It was super tangy and garlicky! It was slightly fermented and almost sparkling. Unique and delicious. We really loved this quaint city! Antique car show 😍


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