Lunch at Lady Pi Pi 

The evening before, as we were exploring the city, we noticed a long line to get into Lady Pi Pi. We took note and decided to go for lunch. So glad we did!!!! It was absolutely delicious- fresh, quality ingredients prepared with skill and attention. Not pictured is the graphic statue of a lady Pi Pi-ing, thus the restaurant’s name 😜Cold, marinated anchovies with lemon and capers. The perfect cool start to an excellent meal! The grill master. Great views from the restaurant!Really delicious grilled squid with green and wax beans, Swiss chard, and sweet little potatoes all cooked with garlic and olive oil. We loved it! Maybe our best meal yet- crunchy French fries, snappy sausage that tasted like the best kielbasa ever, excellent grilled chicken,  Cevapi, and a grilled pork chop! Wow! Everything was super smoky and seasoned perfectly. Soooooo good! Herb grappa- So delicious and the perfect way to begin and end a meal. We stopped at the Dali museum, mostly to enjoy the A/C 👍🏻We climbed the wall! All 58 flights of stairs and over 2 miles. It was breathtakingly beautiful and sooo worth the effort!! Luckily, we waited until sunset to get the great views, avoid the crowds, and enjoy the cool evening breeze. The amazing wall!!! 


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