Dinner with the girls

On our last evening in Primosten, we went out to dinner with the girls… you know the super sweet and generous ones who’ve shared their amazing luxury villa with us 😊 Special thanks to Martha for arranging it all and to Dawn who invited us! Another thanks to Kim and Alana for their sweet gifts and new friendship πŸ˜ƒSpectacular octopus salad. It was so tender and delicious! Marinated sardines with arugula and capers- yum! Simple, vinegary pickles.Dinner viewGrilled sea bass with Swiss chard and potatoes. The fish was super fresh and beautifully seasoned!The best dish of the night! Adam ordered the Scampi Brussa- a rich seafood broth with garlic and white wine, chock full of amazing seafood! Wow! He’s too cute! 😍The destruction 😜Walnut grappa. Soooo good!!!Brother and sister ice cream time πŸ˜œπŸ˜„


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