Dinner with new friends

We met some fun travelers from Boston and LA at a bar yesterday. We exchanged information and ended up having dinner together tonight😊 Why didn’t I take a picture of all of us? Maybe we will end up together again and then I’ll think to take a picture 😞 Anyway… we had a wonderful time talking and eating. They chose a great restaurant with a spectacular view! We had a fun evening and shared lots of delicious Bosnian food and wine! Stewed okra with veal- nourishing and pleasantly homey. Fresh Bosnian pasta, Klepe, similar to ravioli but with uniquely Bosnian flavors. The filling was light and flavorful lamb or maybe beef wrapped in succulent fresh pasta and topped with a tangy sour cream sauce. Yum! Stuffed cabbage leaves in a light tomato, paprika sauce and topped with sour cream. We really loved this. The cabbage was very light, none of the common sulfuric odor, and the meat, like the Klepe, was juicy and  tender. Crispy hash brown like potato pancakes, spit roasted lamb (the house specialty) and grilled vegetables. All we’re delicious. I especially loved the lamb. It was minimally seasoned, which accentuated the flavorful lamb. It was really good with the cucumber and sour cream salad. To finish our meal, we tried the restaurant’s full selection of Bosnian brandies and liquors. What a treat!!! From left to right- quince brandy, plum brandy, pear brandy, herb brandy, walnut liquor, and finally apricot brandy (my favorite). They were all unique, but not all delicious. The quince and plum were tough to swallow, basically fire water, but the rest were interesting and totally worth the low cost. Finally, a little dessert (just one for the five of us). We had the Kadaif, a walnut and honey pastry. I had only one bite… I was so full! 😊After ALL that our bill came out to about $35 per person, including tip! Truly outstanding! 

Some fun entertainment during dinner😃​


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