Auf Wiedersehen Vienna

It was supposed to rain today, so we planned to visit one of vienna’s oldest and most beautiful coffee houses, Cafe Sperl. It was everything I dreamed of and more! The coffee was d😊wonderfully bitter and creamy, the perfect compliment to the spectacular apricot cake! I’ve been looking for the best apricot cake in Vienna and I’m sure I found it. The ​​Crust was crumbly and a bit crisp and it tasted slightly of graham crackers and butter- perfect! The soft sponge cake in the middle was moist and full of vanilla, but the crowning glory was the perfect, sweet-tart apricot topping. I literally cried. It was that good. It was that perfect. I’m sure the beautiful surroundings and the piano player didn’t hurt either 😊The Best Apricot Cake. 🍑 Adam tried the Sperl Torte. It too was delicious. It tasted like Ferrero Rocher candies. 

​The pianist ❤️


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