Expert Level Lunch

The food here is truly excellent! The produce is fresh and of high quality and the preparation is expert level. Every element is cooked and seasoned perfectly. Some of the best food, technically speaking, Ive ever had. France could learn a lot from the Austrians 😜 It’s all very classic. Not exciting or surprising like Thai or Mexican food, but prepared with such expertise it makes it exciting. Delicious house made baguette and brown bread with butter, pumpkin seed oil, and fresh cream cheese whipped with olive oil. Salmon tartar on cold mashed potatoes. It was very delicious. So fresh and light.Cold, crisp salad with a light vinaigrette. Roasted Guinea fowl over sautéed summer vegetables and pasta. The Guinea was roasted absolutely perfectly. It had crisp, flavorful skin and juicy, tender flesh- very hard to accomplish. Adam had the fish of the day. Some kind of white fish, perfectly cooked and served over couscous and cooked cucumber. The cucumber was classic, but a bit odd for our taste. Amazing Austrian Reisling. The waiter described it as “perfect. 3 times champion wine”.  I agree. It was a real champ!!! 


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