Slovakian Food Tour

I really wanted to go on the local food tour we read about, but Adam wasn’t willing to pay €65 each, so he said he would lead the tour himself. He did a pretty great job! ​Slovakian artI guess this is famous 😜Amazing gelato at the oldest gelato place in Bratislava. I had banana-chocolate and apricot. Adam had vanilla and chocolate. The famous Bratislava Roll filled with poppy seeds. We did not like it. It was dry and mealy and the filling tasted oddly of mud. Why is this famous? 😒Palace gardens Fragrant fruit stand- I couldn’t resist buying some tiny, aromatic strawberries and gorgeous apricots!!Excellent local beer- 12%! It’ll sneak up on ya 😳

Local brewery with more great beer. Again with the high %! Mushroom ragu on toast- mmm!​​Everything was just a little bit dingy. ​

The oldest restaurant in Slovakia. It was really beautiful. Too bad the food was so… meh 😞​Weird spinach soup Kofola- “the people’s kola” (communist’s answer to the capitalist’s wildly popular Coka-Cola) The meh meal- white bread dumplings, sweet red cabbage, and pretty good duck. Super stringy smoked strong cheese. Our favorite food of the day. Soooo delicious!


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