After our very light snackfast, we were hungry!!! We decided to try Lingenhel (many thanks to our Lonely Planet travel guide). They make fresh cheese in house from their own dairy farm AND they make amazing vermouth and tonic! What a combo! It was all really delicious and fresh. Loved it! Amazing vermouth and tonic!!! I could’ve had six of these, easy. Thank goodness I didn’t- they were €9.60 each! 😳perfectly cold, crisp salad with a well balanced vinaigrette and delicious, crunchy Parmesan crackers. Beef tartar with pickle and onion. Very good- not the best we’ve ever had (see my July 11th, 2014 post), but good. Amazing, fresh goat cheese! It was so silky and creamy! It was served on crisp bread with avocado and tomato. Soooo good! ​Tartar with Thai bird chilis. The addition of the chilies made the dish so much more exciting! For dessert? Affogato- homemade vanilla ice cream topped with espresso. The best we’ve ever had! The vanilla was so pungent and the coffe was perfectly bitter. I love the juxtaposition of hot and cold, sweet and bitter. ❤️👌🏻


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