Cosy Dinner 

I seriously can not believe how good Austrian/Viennese food is! We haven’t had a bad meal. The food just keeps getting better! Tonight we followed our guidebook to an adorable, homey restaurant near our Airbnb. Excellent Austrian beer and wine. Spicy house-made pickles- the perfect contrast to the rich, roasted meats. Roast pork neck and belly with herbed dumplings. The pork was sooo good! Rich and flavorful, perfectly seasoned, and wrapped in crispy, cracklin’ skin. Expert level roastery. Adam had the mixed platter with pork neck and belly, ham, smoked sausage, and dumplings. All served with freshly grated horseradish and spicy mustard. Excellent wine. Mediocre apple strudel (you can’t be good at everything I guess 😄).Our kind waiter brought us apple schnapps at the end of our meal to “aide wis dee digestiv”. He had us figured out! 😂


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