Oslo city hall and fabulous lunch!

 Oslo city hall was really interesting. It was completed in 1950, but it is surprisingly ornate considering the common architecture of the time. Each year on December 10th, the Nobel Peace prize galla is held in the beautifulain hall. 

After some site seeing, we went to a Michelin Guide recommended restaurant- Onda, a seafood focused restaurant with great views of the Oslo fjord.  

   We started with the wild Norwegian salmon and scallop sashimi served with seaweed salad, caviar, and ponzu dipping sauce. It was so fresh! The fish was sweet and tender and served at the perfect temperature. Then we had the pan seared catfish over seasonal vegetables in a buttery wine sauce. Their catfish is very different than ours, it’s similar in flavor and texture to Florida Grouper. Yum! 


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