Riga, Latvia 

We landed safely in Riga, after a quick 50 minute flight. We were ready for a beer and a meal so we went straight to  Ala Folkklubs- the highest rated Latvian pub. We had some great Latvian beers and some mediocre Latvian cuisine. 

We ordered the “beer snack” starter. It was quite good- smoked Latvian cheese with paprika, crispy garlic bread battons, fresh veggies and creamy garlic dip.  

I had the traditional Latvian meatballs with sour kraut, creamy tomato caremlized onion sauce, and undercooked French fries. Unfortunately every element of the dish was disappointing. Desperately under seasoned and simultaneously bland and off-putting flavors 😕 

 Adam had the beef shanks with celeriac purée and rainbow salad. His was better than mine, but still not good. Again, severely under salted. Fortunately, it was all SUPER cheap! €21.00!!! 




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