I made another Finnish classic… kind of! I followed the poorly translated directions, but I think something was lost in translation😒

The Lohipiirakka, smoked salmon pie, didn’t taste bad. It just wasn’t very good. The texture was all off. Flavorwise, it was on point- hard boiled eggs, rice, lots of fresh dill, butter sautéed spring onions, smoked Finnish salmon, rye pie crust. Perhaps I should’ve prebaked the crust a bit to ensure a crisp, crumbly, flakeyness… does rye pastry get flaky, crumbly? I’ve never made a pie dough with anything but good ol’ American all purpose. Hmmm… 😕 

Luckily the salad was good! Crisp green lettuce with juicy, fruity tomatoes, and potato salad made with refrigerator dill pickles I made a couple days ago😎



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