Ramble. Rock ‘n’ Roll. Red food. 

After Kumu we walked through beautiful Kadriorg Park. We enjoyed the formal gardens and the pretty palace.      

    We took a bus back to Old Town and stopped for some refreshments. Adam had a beer he’s always wanted to try, but has never been able to find- Gruit, an Estonian traditional brew with juniper and wild Rosemary. He really enjoyed it. I also found an elusive drink- Lindemans Cassis, a black current lambic. It was very good but Lindemans framboise is still my all-time fave lambic. 

   We came upon a concert in the middle of the main square in Old Town. Ok. Why not?  (Insert cool video that won’t load here)

 When the show ended, we went to dinner at Clayhill’s. Jill and Cody went there and highly recommended the mussels. Sorry the pictures are terrible, low temps tonight so they had their heat lamps on. Everything glowed red… Even our Caesar salad and creamy mussels. The food was good; however, it was so chilly out, our mussels arrived warm and were cold by the time we really dug in… A real shame😒    


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