Yum!!!! We had an amazing, amazingly cheap breakfast! 15 handmade mutton and onion dumplings in a spectacular mushroom cream sauce…. (Drumroll)…. €2.80!!! Mind blown. We also had the potato and cheese dumplings-€3.20. Two glasses of spectacular Italian prosecco- €6.10. One glass of fresh, Estonian craft beer-€3.00. Unbelievable. A meal this good and this fresh, with so much handmade care and quality would cost so much in the U.S. AND you would have to go to a major city to get anything close to this good. Should we move here?  

   Plus a few pics from the walk to F-hoone. We loved the authentic market with the babushkas and bras😊 


2 thoughts on “F-hoone”

  1. Wow! It looks and sounds incredible. So happy that you are finding delicious food at very reasonable prices. And, NO you should not move there.

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