Taxidermy + lunch

Wr may have found our favorite restaurant thus far! It’s called Farm… I’m sure this won’t be the only meal we have there. 

The restaurant is super stylish and cozy! We loved all the taxidermy, especially the scenes😀 

 We started the meal with sparkling water, and house made beers- nice! For the appetizer we ordered the Farm Snack- a selection of all of their starters. It was beautifully presented and delicious: warm housemade cottage cheese with smoked eel sausage and herbs, whipped smoked fish spread, beef tartar, white fish tartar, smoked eel with horseradish sour cream and herbs, homemade squeaky cheese, and herb-garlic whipped butter all served with hearty homemade rye bread, fresh butter, and Maldon sea salt! We loved every bite!  

    For the mains: Adam had the roast duck with juicy rice (like risotto), pear and apple compote, and a sweet-tart multiberry wine sauce. I had grilled lamb with perfectly steamed spring vegetables, and silky red wine demi glace. All amazing (and unbelievably affordable)!!! 


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