Hike. Climb. Bike. Snack!

We enjoyed a relaxing cruise with beautiful views! After the cruise we rented bikes and attempted to complete a rough nature trail around the area. Oh my!!!! I know very little about “mountain biking” or “off roading”. Shortly after starting I hit a rock and got thrown off my bike. Don’t worry, I landed on my feet. BUT then a PLAGUE of Mosquitos descended upon me! I’ve never experienced anything like it. Maybe 200? 500? I don’t know. But I ran. I thought I may never stop running. 

Needless to say, when we finally got back to the cafe, I needed some caloric comfort. The lox sandwich was just the thing.  



One thought on “Hike. Climb. Bike. Snack!”

  1. Oh my! I’m glad you didn’t get hurt. Dad’s very curios as to what happened to the bike since you ran away😃

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