Warm welcome in Vaasa

Our friendly exchange partners, Yvonne and Björn picked us up at the Vaasa train station. After a quick drive, we arrived at their comfortable and stylish home. They showed us around a bit then served the most amazing Finnish meal. We had cheese, tomatoes grown in Yvonne’s home village, smoked reindeer, moose sausage, smoked white fish, smoked fish spread, butter, fresh rye bread, strawberries, and vanilla-raspberry crumbles. All served with champagne! Everything was delicious, fresh, local, and served with love. 

After dinner we went to the local brewery, Bocks. It is AWESOME! It was so cool I forgot to take pictures 😊 Don’t worry, we will be going back… Regularly. Many thanks to Yvonne and Björn for such a warm welcome to their lovely home! 


P.S. The picture above was taken just five minutes from our new home, at 1:30 am… That’s right, the Finnish sun never really sets in summer!!! Gulf of Bohemia/Baltic Sea. 


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