Dumplings and hawthorn fruits

We had an amazing morning full of sightseeing- Tian An Men Square and the Forbidden City! Wow! Beijing is a beautiful city. I’m very lucky to be here during the APEC summit. The Chinese government shut down schools, factories, and traffic for the entire week, so the air quality and traffic is at minimum.

For lunch we went to a small dumpling shop near the Forbidden City. Yum! I had quick pickled Chinese broccoli and six spectacular dumplings. The dumplings were rich and spicy pork wrapped in a light, velvety yeast bread. Dipped in hot chili oil they were perfection!









2 thoughts on “Dumplings and hawthorn fruits”

  1. So unreal that you are there. I’m happy you are having a great time. Wish you could bring back some of those delicious dumplings!

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