Dinner and drinks

We spent most of the day inside reading and relaxing, but that got boring πŸ˜‰ Dave suggested beer and pizza and we were all on board!

We headed to Altstadt (old town) and had some delicious beers and great pizza. There were so many people out tonight. The air was buzzing with fun and conversation. We loved it!

We started with an arugula, Parmesan, pine nut and Parma ham salad- yum! Adam had the veggie pizza with an egg on top. I ordered the caper, anchovy, and mushroom, but I received the tuna, mushroom, and pepperoni pizza. Although I was worried about tuna on a pizza, it wasn’t too bad. The crust was charred and crispy. The cheese was high quality mozzarella- so creamy! Great idea Dave!






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