Düsseldorf and Japanese fast food…

We made it to Düsseldorf!!’ The apartment is clean and comfortable. The city is absolutely beautiful AND we had some delicious Japanese fast food. Things are looking UP!

To start, we shared chicken ginger cabbage wontons, miso soup, and a small salad. The wontons were awesome- crisp tender outside and gingery chickeny goodness inside!

Adam had sticky chicken over rice with sesame. It was rich and earthy with a pleasant sweetness. The rice was perfect- a little chewy and sticky, yet individual and tender. Adam wished he had MoRE!

I had napa cabbage onion and bean sprout stir fry in a salty, spicy sauce. Wow! It was really delicious- just the veggie fix I’ve been craving! All the veggies were cooked perfectly crisp-tender and the sauce was so full of umami goodness. So satisfying!







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