Persian dinner

We like to eat foods from other cultures as often as possible- Berlin has delivered:) Tonight, Persian!

I had the vegetarian platter- roasted eggplant, zucchini, and sweet potatoes with salad, olives, tahini, yogurt sauce, hummus, falafel, fried Halumi, pita, and tabouli. An awesome mix of a little of everything. I loved it- especially the falafel with sour yogurt sauce! Adam had the grilled salmon with dilled rice, salad, charred tomato, and pita. His was great, too! We finished the meal with baklava. Typically one of my favorite desserts, but this variety was made with peanuts. Obviously, peanuts are the worst nut. Cheap, not technically a nut! Walnuts would’ve made the baklava edible 😦





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